Women are swamped with a variety of hair options like weaves, wigs, and sew-in extensions. Each hair type has its characteristics, while some cut across all three. The most popular types of weaves are Brazilian, Malaysian, and Peruvian. Each is characterized by a specific texture and wave patterns like a deep wave, wavy, tight curly, and straight such as Peruvian hair straight weave. You may find it challenging to try out new hair since you don’t know much about it. In this extract, we discuss Peruvian hair and what it entails.

What is Peruvian Hair?

Peruvian hair is known for its multi-purpose textures. It blends well with African-American and Caucasian textures as well as natural and relaxed hair. It is lightweight, airy, and has a luxurious look that makes you stand out from the rest. Peruvian Virgin hair has hardly been tampered with chemicals and has the best quality, making it appear natural and can go unnoticed unless someone is familiar with the hair.

Origin of Peruvian Hair

The hair has its origin in Peru, located on the West side of South America. The remote villages serve as the main collection areas for donors willing to give away their hair. However, the country is not densely populated; hence it is challenging to collect or source it. It is the primary reason Peruvian hair is expensive in the market, but you only require a few bundles during installation, which is a great advantage.

Why You Should Use Peruvian Hair

It blends with various hair types, especially colored ones like black American hair, and has the same characteristics: high density and coarse. It has a luxurious look with the right amount of shine, resembling natural hair since it’s cut directly from the owners. You can have the hair 100% virgin meaning no processing has been done, or have one that has undergone minimal processing and is smooth, soft, and tangle-free. Both forms are versatile and feature different patterns fit for various occasions. Its lightweight allows for comfort no matter the number of bundles used.

What Makes Peruvian Hair Popular?

The hair has unique features that have made it stand out and increase in popularity. Compared to other hair types, it has dense volume, and you need fewer bundles for it to have a natural look. Its coarse and thick nature makes it suitable for use with several hair textures, and the outcome is beautiful. Peruvian hair is easy to manage, and with proper maintenance, it lasts for quite a long time.

Peruvian Weave Styles

You can style Peruvian hair in three different ways based on the texture; Peruvian straight hair, curly wave, and wavy hair. You can achieve any look with straight textured hair since it’s easy to style. Peruvian curly hair is ideal for all with curly hair and is shred and tangle resistant. The wavy form ranges between body wave, loose and deep wave, and natural wave. You can choose whichever style you prefer and stan in it.


The quality of Peruvian hair remains uncompromised and is the best in the market. Its volume and several patterns enhance your beauty and make you more confident. This hair type requires minimal maintenance, and it durable with incredible shine and luster.


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