Today, making a name necklace is a part of DIYs. It is something both the adults and kids have taken to, having realized that it is one of the ways of expressing one’s inner thoughts and feelings.

Here, unlike the Professionals, no restrictions are made while making a namenskette. So you are free to be creative just the way you want it as you incorporate your personality into a piece.

What is a Name Necklace?

A name necklace is sometimes referred to as an alphabet or letters necklace. It contains various alphabet and symbols designed in such a way that would be appealing to the wearer.

Customized name necklaces are unique and quite different from other jewelry in the market which was mass-produced. It is a way of publicly expressing your personality.

Name necklaces are available for persons of all ages. You can get one for babies, preschool children, teenagers, college students, and the elderly. It has been trending for many years and it is still fashionable till now.

History has it that this craft originated from Japan, and France before it began to spread throughout the world. Usually, a necklace consists of two main parts, that is the chain parts and the main decoration often called the pendant.

However, this arrangement was more pronounced in the early days. Nowadays, this tradition has been modified. The necklace is no longer a simple rope whose job is to hold the pendant. The necklace has become a thing of aesthetic value too.

How to Make a Name Necklace

Making a name necklace requires care, concentration, and precision. Your eyes need to be focused, with your hands moving swiftly and your breath steady. This is not a process that should be rushed.

After making a name necklace, the final result may not be perfect. All you need to do is exercise patience and keep repeating the process until you are satisfied with the result.

Below are the processes involved in a name necklace making

1. Map out a design

First of all, you draw the desired design with a pencil on drawing paper. This is one of the critical stages because you need to think of how to harmonize the whole letters that would be contained in the word. Remember, the lines shouldn’t be independent but continuous.

2. Make a Prototype

After you must have designed, you are required to make a prototype. The purpose of making this prototype is to ensure that all the connections and curves are properly done.

3. Make a version

After you are satisfied with the design and prototype, go ahead to make the necklace using semi-hard sterling silver. Semi-hard wires are preferred to the soft ones because you cannot achieve a precise and bright line with the soft ones.

4. Enhance the hardness by hammering

After the shape has been formed correctly, hammer it with mild pressure until it hardens. You can now add your chains and buttons.


In this era of mechanization, life seems quite simple having a bunch of machines do all the hard work for you. However, jewelry made with machines lacks the story, warmth, and sensation that accompanies every handmade name necklace.


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