As a gamer, there is nothing you like more than to win. When the FUT premiered in 2009, it was bound to become a big thing among gamers. With freer FIFA coins being offered by official sellers, people are becoming more obsessed with the game.

However, with great players comes complacency. Most gamers have started making really silly decisions.

Wondering what these mistakes are? Let’s consider some of them. The most amazing part of all this is that these are very basic mistakes.

Mistakes to avoid when playing FUT

Real-time players are not always as good as you think

What most players do is to go for the best players in reality. Their reasoning here is that the best players will always be able to do the trick for them. However, this is not always the case.

Despite having free FIFA free coins to spend, you should always put the chemistry and gelling of the team over packing a star-studded team.

Another reason to avoid them is that players who are not absolutely the best in real life might not be the best in the game.

Some players like Busquets might just drag down your speed as he has very little pace in FUT.

Trying to emulate other playing styles

Having free FIFA coins at your disposal will make you want to get the best players and that’s okay. What isn’t is losing your playing style because of just one player.

You’re playing style is pretty unique to who you are and how you play. You should also remember that one player might do wonders for one player and might be flat for another.

So the key is to make sure your players all can fit into your playing strategy. Don’t be afraid to get rid of players who simply do not match up.

Focusing more on big players and less on tactics

You can only imagine how this will turn out. In reality, even the best players will perform badly when there are no tactics on board.

So not remembering your tactics or just scrambling anything will surely end in disaster. When it comes to FUT, you are going to be facing players from all over the world. Every part of your strategy has to be managed carefully for you to pull this off.

So make sure that you have a fine grip over your tactics. In some situations, it might even be more important than having a bunch of good players.

Getting Free Fifa Coins

As I have said earlier, the presence of free FIFA coins is a good thing in FUT. Are you trying to find FIFA coins? The best way of getting them is by approaching official sellers that give free FIFA coins. Once you can get those, you will definitely be on your way to success.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Playing FUT is fun and enjoyable. You just have to make sure that you play your cards well. Having all the big players in the world won’t save you if you don’t.


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