When selecting acrylic wedding stationery, one of the most important aspects to keep in mind is the acrylic’s thickness. Especially important for women who have settled on using the most fashionable acrylic cards as their wedding invites. Although 2 millimeters (mm) is considered the typical thickness for acrylic card holder by the vast majority of online and offline invitation stores, the material can vary based on your preferences. For instance, we have discovered that most of our brides choose 1mm acrylic cards since they are more reasonably priced. Therefore, consider this carefully, and keep the following four points in mind.

1. The Price of an Invitation Acrylic Card Printed

The most common thicknesses for acrylic wedding invitations are 1 mm (.04 in), 2 mm (.06 in), 3 mm (.14 in) “, 2mm/.08″, and 3mm/.12”. The cost of an acrylic wedding invitation can vary greatly, with the thicker invitation being associated with a higher price. We usually recommend that visitors select invitations with a thickness of 1mm since it is the easiest method to assist you in maintaining financial stability during the event.

The following are the unit prices for the various thicknesses:

  • -1mm/.04 “: USD 2.8 per unit for orders of 100 units
  • -2mm/.08 “: USD 3.8 per unit for orders of 100 units

2. Mailing Postage

The cost of mailing acrylic wedding invitations will undoubtedly change depending on the dimensions and thickness of the invites and the total number of pieces that are mailed. If you go with 1 millimeter or.04 “If you send made of acrylic, you’ll save significant money on the shipping.

Advice for Future Brides:

  • If you are shopping on a tight budget, opt for the thinner acrylic card. You can save money if you make your personalized invitation with unique embellishments.
  • Would you rather have a hefty invitation card made of acrylic that is not adorned for your luxury wedding theme? Use a card that is 2 or 3 millimeters in thickness.

3. The Variable in Question

Some brides may be concerned that the cut and the quality of the acrylic will be different on the thinner acrylic card. On the other hand, this is not the case with us. The only significant differences between our 1 mm and 2 mm acrylic invitation cards are the thickness and weight of the card. Still, the quality and cut of the card are practically identical.

The cost of mailing will vary according to the thickness of the acrylic card as follows:

  • 1mm/.04 “The initial cost is $0.70 for each item.
  • 2mm/.08 “The pricing will start at $3.60 for each item.

4. Customization and Do-It-Yourself

Some brides want to create framed or layered effects for their wedding invitations by combining acrylic invitation cards with other materials or add-ons. When creating your personalized wedding invitations, we recommend that brides use acrylic cards with a thickness of 1 mm. The reasons should be readily apparent.

  • The final cost per suite of your acrylic card is still manageable even if you embellish it with elements such as a wax seal, a ribbon tie, or even a laser cut and a vellum wrap.


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