People love shopping. Some people are obsessed with buying new clothes. But it’s not enough to buy clothes to suit the latest fashion trend. You have to ensure that these clothes are great for your body shape. You wouldn’t want to try on a beautiful dress that won’t fit you now, would you?

Unfortunately, a lot of people are faced with this problem. They pass by a store with beautiful items, spot one or two clothes that they like, and buy them once they can wear them comfortably. Plus size women go to stores that sell wholesale plus size dresses without finding out if the clothes accentuate their figure.

Getting the wrong clothes for your body shape is a disaster waiting to happen. Here are tips to help you select the best clothes for your body shape.

Shall we?

How to select the best clothes for your body shape

1. Apple-shaped body

If you’re well-proportioned with shoulders wider than your hips, you’re apple-shaped. Your hips aren’t very curvy. Plus, your waistline isn’t defined or snatched.

You should wear clothes that divert attention from your midsection and waist. It’s better to wear A-line and V-neck empire waist tops and dresses because they make you look elegant and don’t draw attention to your waist. Your tops should cover your stomach and extend slightly below your hips.

Don’t wear straight-leg pants or skinny jeans, especially if your shoulders are very broad. Boot cut or flared pants are better.

Finally, don’t wear belts around your waist. Wear it under your bust instead.

2. Rectangular-shaped body

This is also known as the athletic shaped or straight body. Your hips and shoulder measurements are almost the same. You aren’t very curvy. Your waist is straight-up (not well-defined or snatched). Your body weight is evenly distributed.

People with this body shape should use clothes and accessories to create curves. You can wear a belt around your waist to accentuate your figure. Wrap and empire waist dresses work just fine.

Your top length should stop at the midsection of your hips. You can also improve your bust line and shoulders with pleated or ruffled tops. Accessories come in very handy with this body shape.

3. Pear-shaped body

Women with this body shape have wider waists than their bust. Their hips are fuller and their shoulders narrower. Your bum is also considerably fuller.

Whatever clothes you wear should ensure that your shoulder stabilizes your figure. Colorful necklaces and scarves come in very handy. Use embellished and patterned tops/dresses for this body shape very well.

They make your shoulders look broader, especially if you pair it with a puff sleeve and a bateau neckline. Avoid tight pants and pencil skirts.

4. Hourglass body

You’re curvy with a well-defined waist. Your hip and bust measurements are almost the same. Your clothes should highlight your curves. Choose clothes that make your waistline pop. don’t wear baggy clothing.

Furthermore, ensure that your undergarments fit properly. Learn to use the right bra, especially if your breasts are large.


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