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Lace front wigs are one of the most famous hair pieces. These hair pieces have a high demand due to their natural appearance. Do you want to learn in details the comprehensive process on how to make a front lace wig look natural? In this post, we teach you how to make a front lace wig without spending a lot. Additionally, you will learn everything you are required to know about lace wigs for black women and the process involved in making them.

Before getting into the detailed lace front wig-making process, it’s good to make sure you are familiar with lace wig closures and its different varieties. Generally, there are three main types of lace wigs closures, and they include. The full lace wigs, lace front wigs and the 360 lace wigs.

Full lace wigs

The full lace wigs are sewed on a full cap with the back and front lace to offer you a natural back and front hairline. This type of lace wigs is designed to give you plenty of styling alternatives since you can part the hair in numerous ways. Additionally, the full lace is created from natural human hair and its durable compared to other traditional wigs.

Lace front wigs

The lace front wig is an exceptional type of natural human hair stitched on a unit crown with a lace closure extending from ear to ear to offer you a natural and beautiful hairline. Just like the full lace wigs, these front lace wigs give you plenty of options for styling with a single part way on the front hairline. Additionally, the wig is fixed firmly to your head, allowing you to wear it during any physical activity such as swimming.

360 lace wigs

These wigs tend to look different from the full lace wigs and lace front wigs. They resemble headbands with hair fixed to them. The 360 lace wig is made from natural human hair, and it is designed to create a complete hairline on your head. Note that all types of lace wigs are ideal and perfect for any women seeking unique glow and beauty. They are available in different styles such as curly, blond, straight, and another color. Additionally, the lace wigs are essential beauty components since they save you the hassle of frequenting the salon every week to maintain an attractive look.

Since you have the explicit knowledge of all the lace wigs and how they differ, let’s embark on the detailed step by step procedure of making a customized lace front wig for a black woman.

The wig kit

Before we continue, it’s good to know how a wig kit looks. This kit is a wig making pack that comprises a mannequin head, a straight and curved needs, a pair of scissors, white pencil, wig cap, a thread, elastic band, pins and hair clips.

All you require to create a frontal lace wig for a black woman is a customized lace frontal bundle, a wig kit, and you will be set to begin the lace front wig making process.

Step one

First, grab the white pencil from your wig kit and sketch the ear positions on the wig cap before you place it on the mannequin. This will act as a guide to assist you in determining the exact position to set your front lace. Attach the wig cap on the mannequin head and hold it down using a pin. Put the wig cap out since you want the cap hook to be on the exterior.

Take your customized lace front wig and start securing the lace on the tips that you marked on the cap. Make sure you fold the lace before you begin stitching to obtain a clear finish. With the help of the clip, position the hair for an effortless sew. It is good to begin stitching from edges if the front side before sewing the back side. This helps you to keep the frontal row in place to achieve a natural hairline.

It is advisable to stitch with a blanket sew approach to achieve a clear finish. You can achieve this through stitching under the lace wig and then over, almost a half centimeter apart and repeat the procedure all around. Make sure that make straight stitches all the way to have a neat finishing.

Step two

The next step involves sewing the bundles. Readjust the wig cap well and use a pic to attach it to the mannequin head. The amount of bundles utilized for making the lace frontier wig varies with people. For the majority of people, four bundles will do the magic while others will need three.

Make sure you double yarn and weft when stitching from the back side to get a firm and secure grip. Start the backstitching by passing the needle via the web of the wig cap and make a knot to allow sews to remain secure and intact. Use the blanket stitch method to do the lace sewing.

Make sure you stitch every track moderately close to one another to allow you get enough hair quantity at the back.  Once you arrive at the edge of the wig cap, you will shift to a fold off technique if the lace is long.  However, it is short, and you will need to tie a knot and remove whatever is left of the lace.

Step three

When using the fold off technique, you will need to open a double track, stitch through the first web and stitch the second track on the top. Fold the track and stitch through the weft together. Repeat the procedure to avert bumps and ensure the lace is flat.

Step four

Now that the lace wig is nearly ready to remove the wig cap from the mannequin and trim the excesses from the cap glancing under the front lace. Make sure you don’t cut into the sewing and also don’t cut too close to the hair.

Turn the inside of the cap to sew in your combs easily. Use the elastic band to stretch the wig band from ear to ear to get a precise head measurement. Outline the ear positions using a pencil and cut the head length from the elastic band. Stitch the bad to the wig cap from all edges to get a tight and secure lace front wig.

Final word

Since you now know how to make a lace front wig, you are free to style the newly created lace front wig for black women in any way you want. Additionally, you can add to your glow and wear that shiny natural look with your lace front wig for the black.


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