Most people dwell with the notion that bamboo pillows cannot be washed. This is not true. Just like any other pillow, bamboo pillows also require washing and it takes a good amount to effort to do so.

There are several steps to properly wash and dry a bamboo pillow. You will always have the cleanest pillows when these steps are properly taken.

The main purpose of this article is simple. We are going to show you how you can properly wash and dry a bamboo pillow for your home.

Let’s dive in.

Washing and Drying a bamboo pillow the best way.

· Place the pillow into the washing machine.

This is the first thing that you need to do. Remove the pillowcase and places your bamboo pillow right into the washing machine.

When it is properly placed, set the machine to gentle wash or slow spin. You may be asking why. The slow spin prevents the pillow from flying around inside the washing machine. It will damage the machine.

Always ensure that you wash with warm water. If you do not do this, the bamboo will start falling apart. Use a mild and skin-friendly detergent, and wash a maximum of two at a time.

· Go through a second cycle.

This is another thing you must do. Most people often stop at one cycle when they are washing. This is wrong. This is often the best to go through another wash cycle preferably without detergent.

The main reason why we do this is to rinse off every residue of soap that is present on the pillow. Sleeping with soap on your pillow gives you a lot of irritations. So, you need to be careful.

· Dry the pillow properly.

This is also another step that you need to pay close attention to. When drying, you should use low heat settings to avoid burning the pillow. Leave the pillows at a point where it is not soaking wet and dry under the sun. When these pillows are under the sun, everything will be dried out.

Please, you must ensure that the pillows are properly dried before use. When they are not dry, a lot of molds could develop causing a mold outbreak.

Most people usually think that the entire process of washing Bamboo pillows are more difficult than regular ones. This is not true. The Bamboo pillows are easier to wash and give you a long-lasting experience. When you go through all these steps, you will always get the best use.

Final Words.

In this article, we have shown you the main ways you can wash and dry a bamboo pillow. Washing and drying pillows are very important to prevent mold from generating on the surface of the pillows.

Most people often think that washing and drying bamboo pillows are easy tasks. It is not. The entire process of washing and drying pillows takes a lot of time to achieve and when it is not done well, your bamboo pillows will not last long.


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