Photo locket with I love you in 100 languages

This is a personalisierte kette that has I love you written in 100 languages. Writing so much text in such small necklace makes it stylish and unique. The buyer can say I love you to their partner in a unique manner. This locket gives buyers a chance to print their desired photo on it. Moreover, there’s an option to buy the product with a gift packing if wanting to make it a special gift.

More details on photo locket with I love you

This pendant has a openable design, where the outer front cover has a wonderful design, while the back of the outer cover has 1 love you engraved in 100 different languages from all over the world. The inner of the locket has custom printed photo that can be uploaded on the website. There’s a chain, making it possible to wear the pendant around the neck.

The materials used in making this product is 925 sterling silver, which won’t leave any side effects or skin issues upon wearing on naked skin. The product is strong and durable enough to last for multiple years. It is of silver color that cannot be customized. Moreover, after making the payment, there’s no possibility to change the design. All products are handmade, that are prepared upon full payment.

Unique pendants for a perfect gift

This pendant makes a perfect gift, ideal for women, especially the young generation. Consider it purchasing for daughters, girlfriend or even mother. Lightweight design is perfect to be worn for longer sessions. the small and sleek design ensures that the pendant doesn’t look bad on the neck and chest. Even the chain is strong enough, still, users are advised not to abuse the product.

The shape is round while the edges are cut precisely to ensure it doesn’t leave a cut or scratch on the body. This personalized jewelry can be shipped within 7 days after manufacturing is finished.

Purchase procedure of locket necklace

Buyers wishing to buy the product can visit the official ineffebless website to place the order. They can upload their image and make the payment. No changes accepted upon making the payment. It’ll take no more than 3 days to finish the manufacturing. The product is usually delivered to the customers within 7 days under normal situations, no matter where it needs to be delivered on this planet.

Supporting Features

There are a couple of supporting features to aid the customer satisfaction. First, there’s a chance of free shipping of order value exceeds 69 Euros. Users will be warranted against manufacturing defects. The product will be replaced for free in case of manufacturing faults. With 90 days return policy, there’s always enough time to return the product if not satisfied.

Important things to remember regarding this unique pendants

People cannot return a product without manufacturing defects in it. There’s no chance of customization once the order has been placed. Nothing is customizable except printed photo. Adding the gift packing will increase the final payable amount.


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