Lolita style is a perfect blend of old and new


Fashion keeps evolving and we are here to witness some of the trends blending and creating new ones that are even more fashionable and unique than their predecessors but there is one style that never fails to amaze and that is Lolita style because it is so much more different than the mainstream fashion that more and more people are going for it. What is it that makes this style so craved for?

Lolita style

1. Classic Lolita dresses make you look sweet

Japanese street fashion is truly amazing and recognizable for a variety of Japanese street fashion brands including Ouji fashion, fairy kei fashion and Harajuku fashion with bright, strong colors. However, sweet Lolita style is becoming more and more popular because it can leave you look attractive, elegant yet sensitive and innocent.

If you are into wearing dresses with cute prints, Lolita style is the right fashion to go for you, because you can easily find dresses with candy prints, fairy tales prints as well as fruit and animal prints. These sweet Lolita dresses are decorated with lace and mostly with bows but what makes them even more unique are their bright, gentle colors.

Lolita style

2. Lolita style blouses represent elegance at its best

If you are not really a dress-person, Lolita style can still be your choice, as there are other fashion items that can truly show how elegant you can get. Just like sweet Ouji recognizable for its bright colors, Lolita style blouses are mostly white. What makes them unique are mostly long gigot sleeves and amazing embroidery which show that vintage look is coming back to life.

Most of the Lolita blouses are decorated with a little bit of lace and a bow which is the reason why some would say that they are too simple, but you must keep in mind that you can wear them under Lolita dresses when it’s cold or simply to complement your look.

3. If you are a fan of small bags then Lolita style is for you

When it comes to fashion accessories, Harajuku style was much more popular in the last couple of years. However, Lolita style is catching up successfully because more and more people are into small bags and bags truly make sweet Lolita look even more recognizable and attractive.

If you are into classic Lolita look, then you might find heart-shaped bags or cylinder bags the right choice for you especially if you like satin. These bags are mostly decorated with bows, laces or some other simple embroidery so you can choose a dress that is rich in decorations.

Lolita style

4. Never forget Lolita tights

In order to make your Lolita style look complete, you must choose the right tights because there are so many different ones and the choice will not be easy. You can go for simple, white ones with strawberry print or bowknot prints as these seem to be the most popular, however, if you want to go for something more extreme, you can go for tights with jellyfish print. On the other hand, if prints are not really your thing, you can go for simple dark red, purple or black tights with just a bit of stamping print.

Lolita style


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