Trade shows are organized all year round. One way of standing out at these shows is using a promotional event bag (know more). While reusable event bags at trade shows attract attention to your stand at these shows, they do a lot more afterward.

In this post, we will see how trade show bags can be used to improve your business publicity. 

Promotional event bags and trade shows

A lot of professionals have agreed that one of the best ways of making huge sales is visiting trade shows. Not just as a visitor but by putting up a stand. It doesn’t just tell people about your products and services, it generates new leads.

Seeing that it can be a bit costly to attend these shows, it is imperative that you prepare ahead. What is the best way to stand out? This is an important question to answer, especially if you are still a small business.

One of the best strategies is to make use of a promotional event bag. Your stand could get lost in the crowd at these shows because of how busy they can get. But by displaying reusable event bags, you can draw attention to your stand.

Some people employ meeting people inside the halls and dragging them to their stands. This method is considered by many to be aggressive and confrontational. Though you get to share the word about your business one-on-one, it still doesn’t bring so many results.

You need a more subtle yet effective method. This is where trade show bags come in. Use these bags to decorate your space and create a perfect side attraction for visitors at the show. 

The bags wouldn’t just attract traffic, they will keep them locked down. How? Fill the bags with items that carry information about your business. This is one of the most potent strategies of marketing business at a trade show.


Attracting visitors at a trade show with promotional event bags

Human traffic at trade shows is always fast-paced with everyone’s gaze fixated on different aims. It means you need something special to attract visitors. Natural instinct at these shows is to look out for the big brands and how to gain from their promos.

This already knocks the smaller brands down the pecking order by natural selection. What do you do when you are in this position? How much do you think you can be a competition for the big boys?

When you bring your business to a trade show, the idea is to make sure people who attend get to know you. You want them to catch a glimpse of your products or services so that afterward they can keep patronizing.

Using well designed reusable event bags will do the magic. When a few of the attendees are carrying your trade show bags around, other people see them. This acts attracts the attention of others and acts as a means of direction to your stand.

Everyone wants a free promotional event bag so they would seek out the stand where they can get one. This saves you the stress of going about trying to attract people to your stand. Your bags do the work on your behalf. 

What you need to do is to be ready to engage with visitors to your tent when they show up. Get your staff ready to provide one-on-one tours for visitors. Print a few fliers and stickers and drop them in these bags.

These printed materials should carry sufficient information about your business. The essence of this is that after you have discussed with the visitors, they have something to remind them of all you said.

You should also devise a method to collect the contact details of every visitor to your stand. Publicity does not end here, this is where it actually begins.


Event bags continue advertising your brand after the show

Long after the show is over, these reusable event bags are still working to proclaim your business. Why do you give promotional items in the first place? It is so that the receiver carries a reminder about your business.

When you go to trade shows, you have an ultimate aim. This is to create a system that makes the receiver of the bag at a trade show always remember you. If they forget about you after the show, then you just wasted time and resources.

A promotional event bag with an attractive design is one of the practical ways of achieving this aim. Trade show bags seem so simple but the receivers use them so many times after the show. This is why you must add enough details to your bag design including your business logo and name.

These will ensure that the bag keeps advertising your business long after the show. There is so much you can achieve with these bags, the possibilities are endless. It all depends on how well you can harness these bags to your advantage.


Designing your event bags

People are becoming more aware of using event bags but the problem is that they still don’t design them well. A lot needs to go into the design of your trade show bags. Of course, we are not saying the bags have to be covered with graphics.

In fact, minimalist designs seem to be more mature and end up getting the job done better. The idea is ensuring balance and putting the necessary information about your business on the bags.

You can choose to do the designs by yourself. However, if you are not a good designer, it is best to employ the services of a professional. There are companies that can design and produce bags all over the internet. Simply reach out to them and they will do the rest.

Take advantage of peak periods

Two seasons every year have proven to be the busiest where trade shows are concerned. They are autumn and spring. It is wise to plan for these peak periods so you can enjoy the full advantage. 


Trade shows are great avenues for publicizing your business. With a promotional event bag, you can get amazing results and engagements. Design beautiful reusable event bags to attract attention to your stand at the next trade show. If you have any demand for custom promotional event bags, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.


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