If you are an art enthusiast, you would love to giveaway art as a gift. There are two methods to doing that; the first is to give it away after producing it yourself and the second is to give it away by getting it done by a professional like the ones at icustompainting.com. You can take a photograph of your friend whom you want to gift the art work and get it painted as a diamond painting. You can consult the professionals and book the art work at the following address: https://icustompainting.com/products/custom-diamond-painting-kits-personalized-paint-with-diamonds

There are a few things that you must consider before you give away the art work as a gift.

Your skills

The first thing to consider before you give away an artwork as a gift is that the art work will be worth displaying on the wall right away. It will be enjoyable to see and recognizable as to what it speaks of or what message it wants to convey to the viewers. If the recipients don’t know what the art work contains or they don’t know where to display it, they will lose interest in the art work soon, which also can hurt your relationship. It will never make a wonderful gift. Therefore, you should only produce the artwork yourself if you think that you will be able to send a clear message that will be easily comprehendible for the masses. Otherwise, get it done by someone else.

Portraits are not a good option

Portraits don’t make good gifts unless it is a portrait of a person you are madly in love with. Otherwise, people don’t like big face up pictures on the wall. They will not keep it there for a longer period.

Match the colors

Modern art doesn’t fit well in a Victorian-style house. You must take a look at the house and its interior before you decide upon giving away an art work. Just look at the house and also make sure that the art has at least a few similar colors.


Who doesn’t love a unique design? You can make it unique and beautiful by outsourcing the painting to a professional company that would make it available to you at the right time. The artists with icustompainting.com can produce brilliant masterpieces for you that is unique and finely crafted at the same time. You also can pick a design from the internet for free from stock free images or buy it from websites such as Getty Images and get them painted as a diamond painting to decorate your house.

Frame the work of art

The final stage after you have got the work of art ready is to put it in a frame. A painting inside a frame has a worth of its own. This means that you care for your loved ones. The person who receives the gift will not have to go to the market to buy a frame first and then hang it on the wall. It will be ready to display right away.


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