The One Hour Self Tan.. No Really!


Tan at home in one hour? Bold claim.. but wait, there’s more. It promises to be gentle enough to be used on both face and body, develop into a natural (not orange) tone on the skin and… no icky fake tan smell!What is this wonderstuff, you ask? Cocoa Brown. I was more than skepital when their press office contacted me telling me this stuff was a guaranteed streak free, even tan with a fresh, floral fragrance in a can. As you know I’m not a big tanner but I do occasionally test the latest and greatest for you guys so I decided to give it a go. Prior to accepting the product I made it clear that I would review it regardless and I would be 100% honest.. I seriously expected to hate it, it promises too much and fake tan has gone so wrong for me in the past I couldn’t imagine that this was anything special but it really really is.

My main bug bear is that although it’s a mousse it is not quick drying.. it is sticky and I basically stood for an hour waiting to rinse it off, but the fact that after an hour I could do that and leave colour behind was pretty amazing. In my youth I was a St Tropez addict so I am familiar with tinted mousse formula’s and know it’s more important to get everything covered than to get everything looking even so I was expecting to be pretty patchy for that hour but because it doesn’t really set dry like a regular mousse that didn’t happen. I can see that being an application issue as when a tan dries you know it’s not budging but when it stays tacky there’s always the chance you will rub it off while applying and leave a streak.. that was an issue for me with putting it on my legs but the rest of me was easy and when it came to it my tan was even everywhere so the extra effort paid off. Don’t worry about applying too much either.. the skin will only absorb one applications worth of tan no matter how much you put on one area.. like I said it’s more important to get every inch covered.

I hopped in the shower once my time was up and came out glowy and streak free, my feet and hands look perfectly normal, there are no nasty orange marks anywhere, I am seriously impressed with this stuff nd if it really does last a week I may have found a new Saturday night ritual. I’m interested to see how deep the tan would go if I left it on for longer, I think I will try that with my legs next as they still seem pretty pale – if it hadn’t been for the before and after’s I’d have said they’d not changed – I think they’re just so pale usually that it takes a lot to make them look tanned haha – and if it’s any different I will let you know but first impressions are very good.

Available online here for £7.99 a can. Judging by how much I appear to have left I’d say you’d get at least 3 full body applications from one can so if that lasts 3 weeks I’d say that’s pretty good value for money for a regular tanner. For me I’m happy to have found a product that’s quick and easy to use and will give me a subtle colour.. better still it will be great for last minute nights out!


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