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Yoga is a prevalent activity in different parts of the world. It is a form of exercise whose aim is to promote physical and mental wellness. Unlike other types of physical exercises, yoga does not require a lot of equipment. The only mandatory equipment you will need for yoga is a yoga mat. A yoga mat acts as the base of all your exercises. It is, therefore, exposed to sweat and bacteria. Thus, you need to learn how to clean a yoga mat. Cleaning a yoga mat is not a difficult task. This article will show you just how easy it is.

How often do you need to clean your yoga mat?

The regularity with which you have to clean your mat depends on the intensity of your sessions using it. For instance, if you are not one to partake in heavy exercises that cause you to sweat, you can clean your mat once a week. However, you still have to wipe it down each day after a session and store it properly. On the other one, if you tend to sweat a lot during exercise, you need to clean it more often. Make a point to invest in a spare mat because cleaning a yoga mat too often can result in wear and tear.

Tips for cleaning your yoga mat

You can clean your yoga mat using a hose, in the bathtub, using a washing machine, or with a cleansing spray. If you are using a washing machine, make sure that the mat is washing machine friendly. Some brands clearly warn against cleaning their mats in washing machines. If yours is washing machine safe, you can proceed to clean it as you would your regular clothes.

On the other hand, if you decide to wash your yoga mat in the bathtub, you simply have to begin by soaking it inside clean water. Add a mild detergent in the water. The detergent helps to eliminate the dirt and the bacteria buildup on the mat. Proceed to rinse it in clean water.

Also, if you opt for using a hose, all you need to do is place the mat outdoors and hose it down with clean water. You will also need a mild soap detergent and a sponge that you will use to clean it. Once it is spotless, proceed to rinse it with the hose water.

Finally, if you do not have time for either of the methods mentioned above, you can opt for a cleansing spray. Here, you only need to spray the mat while wiping it down with a paper towel or a soft piece of cloth.

How to dry your yoga mat after cleaning?

If you choose to clean your mat by soaking it inside a bathtub, you can dry it by hanging over a shower rail or drying rack. Since the mat would be soaking wet after cleaning, make sure to place something beneath the railing to soak up the water. Also, ensure that you give the mat enough time to dry completely. The same drying procedure applies when you are using a hose to clean the mat.


The cleaners that you use for washing your mat should always be mild. Harsh detergents can result in wear and tear or the discoloration of your mat. Thus, a careful cleaning process will help you mat last longer.


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