Beauty has a lot of components. Many things combine to form our perception of what we describe to be beautiful. One of these things, which has become a major one over the years, is our hair.

Our hair choices matter a lot. Whether it involves wigs, hairstyles, or extensions, what we put on our heads says a lot about us. Because of this, we often try to know or find out what the best choice will be when it comes to the type of hair we use.

Out of the numerous types of hair in the world right now, two have remained dominant as the best choices. These are Malaysian hair and Brazilian hair. Today we will find out, once and for all, which of them is the better option.

Malaysian Hair

One of the first things you will notice about quality Malaysian hair wigs is their ability to shine. It is a feature that it readily boasts of as it gives you a sort of glossy appeal. Its silky look, however, can be destroyed if you wash it too frequently.

This type of hair comes from South East Asia and has made itself known as one of the best types of hair you can get in the world. It is a common choice among prominent figures and celebrities. It also possesses a certain measure of thickness that supersedes other hair wigs.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is probably the most popular and prominent hair type of the two. Even though this may not always translate into being the better choice, it is still a precious and highly sought-after hair type. It comes in curly, wavy, or straight. However, actual Brazilian hair is often not bone straight. It is a result of the presence of very light waves.

Brazilian hair can easily blend with most ethnic hair wigs as well. It is characteristically soft. It has also been known to be a better conductor of heat when it comes to it. However, you should note that this is not an invitation to apply heat to Brazilian hair, as specific severities can still ruin it.

Why is the Malaysian Hair Wig Good for You?

Now that you have gone through both, you may already know which one is better for you. That is what is most important here. There will always be a universal debate about which is better. Both are high quality, and all you need to know is which is better for you overall.

However, Malaysian hair wigs may be the right choice for you. The look is a lot more pristine, and they can last for longer than Brazilian hair wigs. They also have a shine to them that screams quality.


Both are excellent choices that you will not regret. But the Malaysian hair wigs will give you a much softer and glossier look than Brazilian, so it is more easily spotted as a great choice of quality hair. This is always the best choice for anybody.


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