A christina piercing is a popular choice for females, primarily because it enables you to express your individuality. It is also a fun way to increase your sexual aesthetic and confidence. It can increase your enjoyment of sex and increase the function of your organs. It is also good for your partner, as some people report getting aroused by the piercing, and some people even experience clitoral stimulation.

The piercing is done through the navel, which is a deep opening above the hood. To get a perfect piercing, the area should be fleshy and pliable. The piercer must also have an eye for detail in order to give a quality job. A christina ring can last for several years, so you need to choose the right size and type of piercing jewelry.

A Christina piercing is one of the most common body piercings. The piercer will look at your anatomy and discuss the jewelry that will work best for you. After the appointment, the piercer will shave or wax your pubic hair and disinfect the area. He will mark the exact location for the earring. Next, he will insert a needle through the fleshy mound in the top of the labia. Once the needle has entered the area, the therapist will insert the jewelry.

After the piercing, the ring will heal and remain in place for at least six months. After the piercing, the area tends to bleed heavily, so make sure you have a lot of underwear that covers the earring. You should also wax or shave the area prior to the appointment to prevent the piercer from damaging it. You can also trim the hair in the area before the piercing.

The piercing requires a deep divot on the pubic mound. The divot must be deep enough to pinch the skin, and there must be enough flesh to hold the jewelry. Infections and allergic reactions are common, so it is important to wear a sanitary bandage or pad to protect the piercing. The piercing should be done by an experienced piercer.

The Christina piercing can be a great way to add a decorative flair to your bedroom. Be sure to visit a professional before getting the piercing as you want to make sure that it will last. You also should know how to choose a ring for your Christina if you’re going to be wearing it frequently. You may have trouble wearing rings if they’re too small.

The Christina piercing is the closest you can get to a genital piercing without undergoing surgery. It is a surface piercing that is purely for aesthetic purposes. However, it can increase your sense of empowerment and sex appeal. If you’re a female who’s considering getting a Christina cleavage piercing, you should know that the procedure can be painful and the healing time may be longer than that of other genital studs.


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