mini percussion massager

For thousands of years, human beings have always felt the need to engage in the art of self-massage. While not exactly comparable to professional massages, the health and relaxation benefits of self-massages are similar, and even more so when you use the right tools and techniques. For regular users of massage tools, benefits include better blood circulation, sounder sleeping patterns, and minimizing stress.

In addition to this, you can do a quick self-massage as soon as you get back from the workplace, after a long, strenuous day, and after an intense workout session. There is no need to break the bank when it comes to finding the best self-massage tools in the market since a majority of them are reliable and cheap. You can get yourself a handheld massager and soothe sore muscles and increase recovery time. Let’s focus on the best massage tools in the market.

  • Relxbit Pro handheld Massager

In the world of handheld massage tools, it does not get better than the Relxbit Pro handheld Massager. This tool is designed by experts to offer percussion massages of the highest quality, allowing your muscles to relax and therefore recover at a faster pace than before. In addition to this, the inbuilt combination of percussion therapy and vibration therapy makes a valuable combination in the arsenal of any serious therapist, athlete, and fitness specialist.

The features of the Relxbit Pro handheld Massager include 3 Speed Mode contained in one button, and speeds ranging between 1800 to 3200 rpm with inbuilt high-frequency impacting. The tool also has a battery life of 7 hours, after each charging session of 2.5 hours, making it super-ideal for professionals in the fast-paced modern life. The massage tool also weights only 0.8kg, as it is made of very tough rubber and very light fiberglass.

  • Exerscribe Personal Percussion Massage Gun

This massage tool comes equipped with six speeds combined with percussion vibration that offers between 500 and 2400 strokes every minute, depending on the set speed. The tool also comes with an ergonomic handle, and additional articulating head created specifically to reach all the hard-to-get-to joints and muscles. The massage tool is cordless, containing three massage heads for the ultimate self-massage experience. In addition to this, it offers 90 degrees of rotation and comes with two lithium-ion batteries for the best lifespan quality.

  • Hyperice Hypervolt Portable Massage Device

This massage device is designed specifically to minimize sore and muscle stiffness and comes equipped with four interchangeable heads, providing multi-angle massages that enhance circulation, reduces recovery time and enhances the range of motion of the affected joints. In addition to this, this massage tool is one of the quietest around, equipped with Quiet Glide technology combined with a 3-speed setting and an on-board torque motor. Overall, this massage tool is capable of reaching speeds of up to 3200 percussions every minute and contains a neck massage pad to offer the perfect amount of pressure for tension relief.


In the modern era, personal massage tools have become an increasingly popular technique to treat stiffness and sore muscles at home. They are mostly used by athletes, fitness aficionados, and sports therapists. The best massage tools include the Relxbit Pro handheld Massager, the Exerscribe Personal Percussion Massage Gun, and the Hyperice Hypervolt Portable Massage Device.


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