Unquestionably, sometimes, a bathtub can be relatively risky.

In most cases, they become slippery when wet, thus making it easier for an individual to slide and fall. Therefore, you need to improve your bathtub safety, mostly if you have an older adult in the house. In this article, some of the ways that can help you make your tub safer will be discussed.

  • Remove all the clutter from the floor area

Clutters, among other things, can be risk hazards when carelessly placed near the bathtub. Subsequently, to make your shower safe, you need to clear the floor around the tub. You are more likely to fall if you step on a toy slippery toy with a wet foot.

  • Install grab bars

Grab bars are essential bathroom safety products. They provide you with a place to grab while in the tub, thus making you safer. The bars in question are vital for elderly individuals or those with disabilities.

  • Install walk-in bathtubs

Similarly, a walk-in door in a tub is critical since it helps to get out of the bathtub without lifting your legs high. It is a door that provides you with a walkthrough to get in and out of the tub with ease. Consequently, it is safer to walk in and out of such a bathtub compared to other types.

  • Store essential bathroom products within easy reach

According to bathroom safety guidelines, primary bathroom products should be stored in a place where they can be easily accessed. As a result, the amount of movement required while in the bathtub is minimal, hence reducing the chances of you falling accidentally.  Therefore, it is vital to have a specific place in the tub where essential items can be easily accessed.

  • Use nonslip bathtub mats

Slippery tub mats can pose a relatively massive risk if you are not careful enough. Therefore, you must look for the safest shower mat to reduce the risk of sliding and falling. Nonslip bathtub mats are the most preferred for this purpose.

  • Always clean standing water

Stagnant water in the bathtub is a bathroom hazards for older adults. It is easier for an individual to accidentally fall on a wet surface, mostly if they are not strong enough. Therefore, always remember to clean standing water in your tub to minimize the risk in question.

  • Ensure there is good lighting

Finally, adequate lighting is a vital factor when it comes to shower fall prevention. You need to be seeing where you are stepping to minimize your falling chances. Therefore, always ensure you have adequate lighting around your bathtub area.

The bottom line,

Conclusively, it is vital to observe bathtub safety measures all the time. Subsequently, such practice helps in minimizing the chances of an accidental falling. Adequate lighting, cleaning standing water, using nonslip tub mats, storing essential products within an easy reach, installing walk-in bathtubs, installing grab bars, and ensuring there are no distracting objects around the bathtub are crucial safety measures to be observed.  


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