Women’s like to wear wigs to add style to their personalities. You can use wigs to add length to your hair. With the help of a wig, you can change your hair color and style. Many online stores sell these wigs. Hermosa provides the 613 lace front wig to their customers.

Hermosa Online store provides you with a variety of products of wigs. The prices of these products are affordable. Additionally, you will find high-quality products. All types of wigs are made with real human hair. They are reliable and provide authentic products. Here you will learn about the specifications of the 613 lace front wig.

Ombre 613 Blonde Straight Bob Lace Front Wig

It is one of the best products in Hermosa’s online store. You will find this wig in different designs and styles. You can use these wigs and experience a new style to your personality. Hermosa is a reliable place that provides a variety of wig products.

Detail Of Product

Hermosa provides the best quality products to the customers. The price of the wigs is also affordable. If you see the life span of the wig, it all depends on its use. So if you use it with great care, it will have a long-lasting life. Here is some detail of this product.

Name of Product

  • The product name is Straight ombre 613 Bob blonde 13 4 lace front human hair wig.


  • The wig material consists of 100% unprocessed Brazilian human hair.

Color of Wig

  • Wig is available in ombre 613 blonde color.


  • The texture of the hair is smooth and straight hair

Lace of Wig

  • It is available HD transparent, invisible and strong wig.


  • The quality of the products is remarkable, and you will find 100% human hair.


  • The wig features are glueless, with baby hair around the wig.

Give Buyer Protection

  • They will protect the buyer, and you Exchange or return the product within 30 days.

Delivery Time

  • You can receive the products within 3 to 5 days.

These are some detail of the product. You can check all the details before buying the products. Using a wig is a great experience. You will need to select the wig color carefully. Because hair color is important, it must match your completions.  You will find a variety of wig products in this store.

Final Wording

Hermosa is an authentic online store that provides various hair products. Wear a wig if you need to add length or change your hair color. All these wigs are easy to wear. You can get these products from our online store.

Moreover, Hermosa gives you quality products. You just need to visit our online shop and select the best product for your hair. They will prefer their customer and their need. The delivery system of this online platform is quick and fast. You will receive the product within 3 to 5 working days.  You amazingly love to buy wigs from them.


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