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Lighted makeup mirrors are the perfect bathroom accessory. When wearing makeup, light is a significant factor, as it helps you achieve the best makeup and look. Many are times when you put on makeup in the wrong light or an unlighted room and end up walking out looking anything but perfection. The natural light from the sun is always good for doing your makeup; however, the sun only shines for a specific amount of time in a day. Lighted mirrors are designed to mimic natural light. There are several brands of lighted mirrors in the market today. One of the top brands is BESTOPE. In this post, we look at the features of the mirror.

Features of the BESTOPE lighted makeup mirror

  • Lighting

The mirror features three-color lighting modes as well as a smart light memory. The three colors are yellow, white, and a combination of the two. The three-color features are controlled by a switch on which you press to switch from one color to another. The switches also control the brightness of the colors. On the other hand, the intelligent light memory feature helps to make using the mirror effortless as it switches to the most suitable light mode at different times of the day.

The mirror also features more than seventy LED lights. The adjustable lights are perfect for poorly light rooms. They also help to mimic natural and soft light without being too bright and dazzling. The feature also allows you to easily switch between different color temps, which will enable you to experiment with different looks in varying lighting situations.

  • Magnification

The BESTOPE lighted makeup mirror features a two by three magnification feature that is supported by three magnifying panels. The panels allow you to see your facial features as well as the smallest details. This makes the mirror suitable for eye makeup and covering up the tiniest blemishes.

  • Rotation

The vanity mirror is built to stand on a countertop from where you can easily rotate and adjust the angle of the mirror. With a 180-degree rotation feature, you can adjust it to the perfect and most comfortable viewing angle. It is also a trifold design. The trifold can, however, is detached quickly hence making it compatible with different locations.

  • Power Supply

The BESTOPE lighted mirror can easily be lighted and operated using four double-A batteries. It is also possible to run the mirror using a USB cable that is connected directly to a light source. However, you have to take note that the mirror cannot store power; hence has to be operated by a battery or a direct power source. The mirror is, therefore, portable and an ideal gift.

Take Away

The BESTOPE lighted makeup mirror features a classic water ripple that is both fashionable and attractive. It is the perfect accessory for the home and the bathroom. The mirror is also straightforward to operate. Additionally, the price of the mirror is suitable, and it comes with a manual for operation and a USB cable for charging.


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