Have you been having issues getting all your makeup in the perfect order? Or maybe you’ve got that “one big box” for your makeup item, but they’re still all over the place? We assume you’d want that organization with your maquillage pas cher, but it takes effort.

Decluttering and the general organization helps you feel better mentally, so it’s not out of place to say that arranging your makeup collection does have its benefits. Below are some of our recommendations on how to declutter your makeup stash for better organization.

Start With a Purge

One way to start organizing your makeup is to remove the less essential items from the stash. It will help if you start by checking the expiry dates on the bottles, as it will give you an idea of what to toss and what to keep. Expired lipstick and foundations go into the bin, and when you are not sure of the expiration date (say you can’t find it on the bottle), you can track back to the time you bought it.

Makeup products generally have shelf lives. For example, lipsticks are good for up to 12 months, while foundations wouldn’t make it past six. Anything that looks or smells remotely rancid in your stash should go. The same goes for all the products you impulsively bought and would never use.

Clean the Remaining Items

Now that there are fewer items in your stash, the next step is to disinfect and clean your collections’ remaining items. It will include your tools as well as your products. Take care to use the proper cleaning agent instead of regular soap and detergent as they tend to wear off delicate parts. You can use gentle-acting shampoo on items like makeup brushes to disinfect them.

Products that you can’t wipe with cleaning agents should stay arranged. Makeup pencils should get sharpened, and you should shave the crust on lipsticks once a week at the minimum.

Come with a Strategy

The final piece of your makeup organizer decluttering puzzle is stringing up an effective strategy to keep your stash organized in the future. The first thing you’ll have to do is upgrade your storage unit. One big box will no longer do, and you need to be intentional about the cases in which you keep your makeup stash.

For instance, you can pick up a big jet-set case with several insets if you prefer a more minimalist look. Try as much as you can not to get plastic containers, as the tendency to keep everything organized drops. Follow other fundamental storage guidelines, such as not keeping your makeup kit in the bathroom or keeping the lids too tightly closed.

Wrapping Up

Decluttering your makeup organizer stash takes a bit of cleaning out and tossing away less useful makeup items. However, the initial hurdle is where to begin the process. The tips mentioned above aims to help you in the right direction. Organizing your makeup collection is a subtle form of self-care, making you feel mentally better.


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