Joanne Hynes launches new online shop… this makes us happy!

I think you may have guessed this already, but here at What Will I Wear Today, we love ourselves some Joanne Hynes.

Now we have two more reasons to love her even more! I can’t count how many times we jumped up and down and up again after hearing this exciting news.

Joanne Hynes has just launched her brand spanking new website. Where you can find out all the latest news, have a peak at her upcoming collections and most importantly, purchase her spectacular pieces straight from the comfort of your own home… (or sneaky lunch break)!

Joanne’s trademark collars, bib neckpieces, neckpieces, leather robots and hair bands can all be yours without even leaving the house. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

They deliver to UK and Europe too, so tell all you’re friends across the pond!


What Will I Wear Today Contributer: Lisa Milmoe @Lisa_M22

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