Online Gaming

With the millions of available games online, it is almost irresistible the urge to give away all your time and money, the moment you find one that you fancy.

While online gaming can be fun and a great way to interact with individuals from different corners of the globe, it does have its risks. Most of the strangers you play games with on the internet are there merely to get entertained. But this is not to say that they can be trusted entirely. So how then do you keep yourself from the dangers of online gaming? You can check out a few of my safety tips below.

Never Use Your Real Name

When you sign up on most of the gaming platforms, you will be required to choose a username, and it is in your best interest to use an alias. You want to avoid using your real names, as it will be easy for people to get hold of other sensitive information such as date of birth, employment records, and family history. You want to give yourself anonymity, so you get to interact with other gamers online with much freedom.

Careful When Shopping Online

online shopping

If you are a gaming fanatic who loves to compete online for reps, the chances are that you often purchase coins online. And this is one place where you get to be at risk. You will need to provide your credit card information when checking out your purchase. And if you do make the mistake of shopping at the wrong outlet, you stand a chance of losing valuable information or money.

When shopping for virtual gaming supplies online, be it virtual gold, gaming accounts, or other items, take a closer look at the site. Check for contact information and reviews from other users in the past. You can find something like that here on igvault. It would help if you also looked for other payment options and signs that the site is secure to use.

Use a Strong Password

The importance of using a bulletproof password cannot be stressed. There are many gamers online who are equally hackers who won’t pass up the slightest opportunity to try out their skills. And the only way you can invite them is with a weak password.

When choosing a password, avoid using your names or those of loved ones. Other personal information like your D.O.B, pet names and high school name shouldn’t be an option either. It is always advisable to use a mix of lower and upper case letters. You can also throw in some letters and symbols to make it hack-proof.  

Use a Strong Antivirus

A final safety measure would be to install a powerful antivirus to keep you protected when you surf online. Some of the safest antiviruses have features that alert you to an impending threat that could put you at risk. It would help when shopping or downloading on a gaming platform once it notices there is a problem. In addition to secure payments, igvault also offer protective measures to keep you free from danger when on their platform.

Lastly, you should check for all the security features that are available on a gaming platform before making payments or downloads.


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