Hello my lovelies! It’s the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I look to at night – no, I’m actually not speaking romantically about my significant other but instead refer to the other love of my life; my phone. It’s essentially become an extension of my arm and as pathetically materialistic as it sounds, I would be totally lost without it, no seriously, I would literally be LOST the amount of times Google Maps has saved my ass in a new and unfamiliar area. Gone are the days were a mobile phone’s sole purpose was to text and make calls (and grow an unhealthy obsession for the game Snake) – it’s now become a means of keeping organised and keeping entertained, all from the palm of your hand. So, without further ado, I’m excited to share with you a few of my most recent favourites that have kept me glued to my phone!

Neko Atsume – This little gem of an app has been gaining a lot of popularity recently, because let’s face it, what could be better than a cat-themed app? Basically a tamagotchi with cats, you’re bestowed the honour of caring for a lot of cute furry felines that come visit your garden, and if you feed and interact with them enough, they may just bring you some adorable tokens and treasures! With each cat possessing their own unique name and personality, it quickly becomes a collecting game that’ll have you spinning new phrases like “one sec. just checking on my cats” or “look at how cuteeee their little bums are!” as your friends look on in wonder and confusion.

Gratitude Journal – As a person that finds it difficult viewing the glass as half full sometimes, this app is amazing at boosting your positivity. So, every day the app prompts you to write 5 happy things that happened to you, so that in time you’ll be able to look back and relive those little moments that brought you happiness. Normally one to turn off an app’s notifications, the friendly reminders that pop up for this one encourage you with positive phrases like “Today you are an eagle and your wings are made of awesome. Write about it!” If you want to get your mind in a better place and practice positivity, this is an app you should seriously invest in!

A Color Story – This is a relatively new app addition for me as sometimes I find editing apps to be quite repetitive however, with an array of cool effects, features and filters to choose from, this app has it all. In the past I would have probably applied a filter through the Afterlight app and then incorporated a cute bokeh effect from another, but A Color Story does it all for you without you going through the trouble of switching apps. The app is easy to use and beautifully executed, I swear you’ll find yourself taking numerous photos just as an excuse to use it!

Relax Melodies – I’m the kind of person that loves nothing more than listening to the sound of the rain battering down on my roof as I drift off to sleep. In the absence of such soothing ambient sounds, I use this app to listen to calming imitations, from heavy rainfall to cats purring, this app has an amazing amalgamation of melodies to choose from. You can even mix and match your sounds to suit your mood, like combining the soft chirping of birds with wind chimes to create your own personal tranquil experience.

Plant Nanny – I’d be the first to put my hands up and admit that I don’t drink enough water during the day, instead opting for juice or a fizzy drink. I’ve seen a lot of apps floating about that merely prompt you to record your daily water intake, without any means of motivation. However, of course when you bring a cute virtual pet plant into the mix, obviously I’m going to mother that thing better that my own house plants. With your daily goal being to drink 2 litres of water a day, the more you drink, the stronger your plant gets and the bigger it grows. This app comes with loads of cute customisable features from changing the breed of your plant to decorating its pot, it becomes much more than just a mundane monitoring device.

What apps have you been loving?


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