DIY: Rose Nails

Hello you lovely lot! Amidst all the anticipation for Christmas and not awash with the seasonal spirit JUST yet, I decided to experiment with this quick and easy floral pattern in the hope of injecting a bit of colour into a dull and dreary winter wardrobe. Inspired by the iconic ditsy floral style of Cath Kidston, I absolutely adore how the colours pop against a dark jumper! In order to achieve this bright and bold look, you will need…
Four nail polishes: preferably in red, light pink, dark green and mint
Nail art brushes, in the smallest sizes
Or alternatively if you don’t happen to have any brushes, simple cocktail sticks should do the trick
Step 1/ Gather your chosen nail polishes, the roses don’t necessarily need to be red and pink, use your imagination! They can be yellow, white etc. I purchased my nail art brushes from Claire’s Accessories, however alternatively cocktail sticks work well too.
Step 2/ Because your leaves are naturally going to be green, paint the base of your nails mint to contrast and complement the colours painted on top. The lighter your base, the brighter your forefront colours will appear!
Step 3/ Once you’ve let your base coat dry, you may then apply the body of the roses onto it. The spots don’t have to be perfect, actually it’s better if they’re not completely circular as this adds definition and distinction between your roses.
Step 4/ Like the previous process, wait until your nails have completely dried. Next up is the leaves, in straight strokes give your roses either one or two leaves each with your dark green nail polish.
Step 5/ Admittedly the most difficult part of the process is creating the detail within the roses. Using my thinnest and smallest brush available, I painted around the outer ring of the roses, detailing them in both clockwise and anti-clockwise circular strokes to give the roses depth. Basically, you begin from the outside and work your way in until no more room is left for your pink nail polish.
After you repeat the process on all of your nails, you’re done! I’ve been receiving compliments on them all week; people asking me if they’re nail decals or not or whether I’ve had them done professionally – a nice little boost to brighten anyone’s mood!


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