Hello you lovely lot! As I trudge through the threshold of my flat after a long day at university, my body aches for a strong cup of tea and a hot bath. Having always favoured the handiness of a shower, there’s just something so nice about being blanketed by warmth as you slide into a bath after a cold, December day. The past few years have seen a surge in popularity for cosmetics retailer Lush, with their homemade hair, beauty and body products proving a hit amongst bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Lush’s bath bombs in particular have gathered quite the reputation – seriously, I can’t even scroll through Instagram without being met by someone’s nobbly knees poking up from rainbow-stained water, what a time to be alive, eh? So, I decided to treat myself to a few treats from their festive Christmas collection, ready to submerge myself in some magic!
Give this magical wand a swish and a swirl around in your bath and watch as the water transforms into a sparkly pink pool of bubblegum yumminess – that’s right, it smells exactly like bubblegum! Also, because it’s quite a sizeable bubble bar, it can be reused if you pop it on the side of the bath to dry, well worth the £5.25!
I am such a sucker for vanilla-scented things and so jumped for joy when I found this little fella. Just expecting him to be a generic bubble bar, I was quite pleasantly surprised to discover that he’s made of moisturising cocoa butter, leaving my skin feel soft, hydrated and smelling like a sweet shop.

This bubble bar is good enough to eat (but please don’t). Yes, admittedly it may look a little like unicorn poop but smells divine and makes the most mesmerising, creamy bubbles! As you let it ripple through the water, you’ll notice your bath turning pink (can you tell I’m a bit obsessed with the colour?) making it the perfect magical kingdom to lose yourself in.
Boasting the deliciously comforting smell of vanilla, this bath bomb lets you sail away on a cloud of sugary sweetness. It may look like your plain white bubble bar, but actually bursts into colourful, dissolvable stars when met with water, leaving you immersed in an enchanting pool surrounded by the stars.
When you think of the colours of Christmas, you automatically imagine a glistening green and a ravishing red, right? Well, this bath bomb embodies Christmas from the inside out – literally! With a gorgeous green core that fizzes as its red exterior disappears, this bath bomb will make even the biggest of grinch’s feel festive this year!
Have you bought anything from Lush’s Christmas collection?


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