How Long Is Too Long?


I am definitely guilty of keeping makeup too long but I blame the whole beauty blogger ‘thing’ – my makeup is a collection and I keep things I know I’ll never use again – just in case! That being said even if I wasn’t a blogger I’m not sure I could throw away a half used MAC lipstick so I’m asking.. how long is too long for you? Debenhams conducted a survey to see how long the average woman kept her cosmetics and while the results may be shocking to some I’m more surprised people ever throw things away. I’m very much a hoarder and  will only get rid of something if it appears to have ‘gone off’.. for me it’s the waste factor,  if I threw away all my makeup when it went ‘out of date’ I wouldn’t even want to consider what the cost would be to replace it.



So.. I pretty much keep mine indefinitely and am quite happy to hold on to my 80s hand me downs but the question is… how long do you keep yours?


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