Natural hair comes in different types, and you can get anyone based on your choice. For example, you can choose to go for Brazilian hair or Peruvian hair, to name a few. However, before buying a piece or bundle of Brazilian hair, you must be highly watchful to avoid purchasing fake hair.

In this piece, you will be learning tips on how to identify original and fake Brazilian hair.

Check the hair for post-processing

One of the ways to differentiate an original Brazilian hair from a fake is the color. Since the Brazilian hair is natural, the bundle should maintain its purity without having any sign of chemical processing. If you notice any chemical process like dyeing, relaxing, and perming, then that is a red flag telling you the hair processed and it is fake.

You can also know if the hair has been processed by applying a naturalizing shampoo on the hair bundle.

Apply the flame test

One thing about original and synthetic hair is that they react to fire differently. If you buy Brazilian hair, cut a tiny part, use your lighter to create a fire flame, and place the hair close to the fire. Now, you will notice something intriguing. The original hair will be less flammable, while the fake hair will create a big flame of fire.


You can differentiate original hair from fake through the bleaching process. An original hair will be light after bleaching, whereas a fake hair will likely burn in the process.

Perform Wet Test

You can tell if what you are wearing is original or fake Brazilian hair after washing the hair. If, after washing the hair, it becomes heavy, then it is fake. An original Brazilian hair will be light when wet because washing it removes dirt that has build-up over time. Also, the original Remy hair will maintain its wave and curly pattern even it is wet compared to fake hair.

However, you shouldn’t base the hair quality on only curly and wave patterns because some lines may offer hair that is curly and wavy, yet they are fake Brazilian hair.

Test the hair texture

You can know if the Brazilian hair is original or fake through the hair texture. A real Brazilian will not be extremely straight, not too silky, and it will be pretty coarse. However, you need to be careful because some hair manufacturers usually use chemicals to treat hair giving it an extremely straight look.


Aside from enhancing your overall look, using Brazilian hair will save you the time you would spend making your hair from the scratch at a saloon. However, the popularity of the hair has led to a situation where some manufacturers produce and package substandard hair. To avoid buying fake hair, you can use the tips discussed above to verify if the hair you buy is fake or original.

Furthermore, to avoid buying fake Brazilian hair, it is advisable to patronize trusted and authorized dealers.


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