Mini Mac Lipstick Haul

Hello my lovelies! As the days grow that bit brighter, I can feel myself shedding my winter skin, purging my makeup bag of darkened, berry tones and instead introducing an injection of some much needed spring freshness. I’ve always been a huge fan of matte lipstick, as my lips are quite a perky, prominent pink, I require a heavy texture to hide my natural hue. Mac matte lipsticks boast a creamy consistency making their tendency to dry out minimal. From left to right, I opted for Mac’s Please Me, Pink Pigeon and Ruby Woo, because every gal needs a classic red lipstick.
Let’s start with Macs Please Me, which can only be described as a beautiful blushing nude. This colour appears very natural when applied, with a subtle pop of blushing pink in its undertones. As I have quite a pale complexion, it looks nice and rosy against my skintone. As with all of the Mac lipsticks, the matte variety is resistant even after a long day of wear and tear – I’ve caught myself draining countless drinks and then anxiously checking in a mirror to see the damage done, only to discover that my lipstick hasn’t strayed one bit.
Pink Pigeon is a vibrant, playful pink that adds that extra oomph to any outfit. The colour is a vivid fuchsia and acts as a great accessory, adding a bit of life to your ensemble, although if I’m honest, this colour just makes me want to go out and party. The colour is so different to any I’ve seen before, like a jewel in the sun it seems to glisten in the light and even in the dark of night, it displays a touch of purply tones.
And lastly, I added a classic red to my collection in the form of Macs Ruby Woo. This may sound crazy, but for a while now I’ve been on the hunt for my perfect red lipstick, a red so suiting that it can be only described as my cosmetic soul mat(t)e. As winter drew in and the darker tones reigned supreme, I was tempted by many deep reds, but it was only after much searching – which of course meant swatching every red lipstick that the Mac store had to offer – I found the ravishing Ruby Woo. Brighter than most reds I came across, Ruby Woo is your quintessential ruby red.
What lipsticks are you loving at the moment?


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