Hello my lovelies! Let’s face it, nothing brightens up your day quicker than treating yourself to some makeup! Recently, I’ve found myself quite captivated by matte lipsticks, with their impressive longevity and sublime chalky finish, I knew I had to get my hands on some. After initially considering Lime Crime’s Velvetine collection, with each product charging over £13 a pop, I decided to cast my search elsewhere in the avid hope of finding a range more affordable. When lo and behold, I stumble across Sleek Makeup’s new matte lip cream collection, and let me tell you dear readers: it was love as first sight.
Sleek Matte Me currently features six luscious colours in their collection, each one bolder and more beautiful than the last. However, wanting to tone things down in the looming autumnal months, I opted for ‘Petal’ – a soft, pastel pink, ‘Birthday Suit’ – a warm, chocolatey nude and ‘Party Pink’ – a vibrant, coral red.
Seeing as the lip cream is presented in the form of a gloss, delivered by means of the traditional lip gloss applicator brush, the coverage can be amended to your liking, and I personally prefer it to the conventional lipstick. I found that the application of the cream was very smooth and that it only took a few minutes for the cream to develop into its hardened matte state. Each colour proves pigmented, with the finish feeling quite chalky. Upon eating and drinking, little to no colour slips off and there’s thankfully no more of that obsessive unnecessary checking to see if the colour’s fading – once it’s on, it’s ON. However, old habits die hard and I have noticed that if you do go to top up the colour, this can lead to a cakey layering, where little bits of cream residue tend to form in the inner corners of the mouth.

However, all in all I was thoroughly thrilled with my Sleek Matte Me purchases. With inexpensive prices (£4.99 each), an eclectic mix of colours to choose from and a promise to stay and not stray, these will definitely be my go-to lip products for autumn!

Have you experienced the new craze of matte lip creams?


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