Thinking of getting a very special name necklace? Yes, name necklaces are special. They are made up of letters forming a certain name. In some cases, the letters might be engraved. Personalised name necklaces always have certain stories behind them. Before choosing what name you want to be engraved you must be proud of your name. Because all personalised name necklaces have a single message. They seem to say “my name is … and this is who I am”. Personalised name necklaces give people a certain air of confidence that is simply hard to miss. But other than personalised necklaces, are there any other options for personalised jewellery products? If there are, how wide is the range of available options? First things first, are personalised necklaces the end of the personalised jewellery line?

Are Personalised Name Necklaces the end of the Customisable Line?

Personalised name necklaces are quite popular. However, the list of personalised jewellery products extends farther than necklaces. Quick question, just how many forms of jewellery products do you know? Quite a lot, right? Well, for every form of jewellery you can think of, there are countless shapes and sizes of personalised jewellery products under it. That is quite a lot. But let us take a look at the more popular ones. They include:

1. Personalised ring products

2. Personalised earring products

3. Personalised bracelet products

4. Personalised bangles and many more

Taking the personalised necklace products as a case study, we see various subsidiaries. This means that there are various available customisable options under necklaces. This means that if you want to order a customised necklace, all you need to do is scroll through the various designs. It is almost guaranteed that you would find a design that suits you almost perfectly.

Personalised Name Necklace Variations

A. Materials: When discussing materials, the list is virtually endless. Gold, silver, diamonds, ruby, moonstones, sapphire and many more. If you are a fan of birthstones, then it is even possible to get your personalised necklace products inlaid with your birthstone.

B. Designs: At this point have only been talking about the materials and have not even gotten to available designs. Still using the personalised necklace as a case study we have various options. Listing all of the options could be quite challenging. On that note, we will list out the most popular designs. These designs have really hit the consumer fashion market in recent times. The two most popular designs include:

1. Personalised name necklace

2. Personalised photo necklace  

Types of Personalised Name Necklace

1. The gold plated name necklaces

2. Arabic name necklace

3. Personalised layered name necklace

4. Initials personalised name necklaces

5. Birthstone personalised name necklaces and many more


The same wide range of options is open for other forms of personalised jewellery forms. However, the personalised name necklaces are really trending. They come in all shapes and sizes. So regardless of what your regular fashion decisions involve, there is undoubtedly a personalised name necklace for you.


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