Mineral Oil is the hot topic in skincare product right now, if you’re late on the ‘avoid this’ bandwagon like me then you might be interested to know that a lot of what I consider to be expensive brands are using this not so great ingredient to bulk out their products and it may be working against what you’re actually trying to achieve. From what I understand Mineral Oil sits on your skin and creates a barrier so if for example you apply something with MO listed as an ingredient and then your night cream, that cream is doing absolutely nothing so as well as being a total waste of time and money it’s not doing what you potentially need it to. Elizabeth Ardens 8 Hour cream lists a variation as it’s main ingredient *gasp* and an oil that many of us are sold during and post pregnancy, Bio Oil, is full of it too. Nether of those products are cheap and I for one have been know to slather them all over my skin thinking I’m doing something great when in fact I may as well be using Vaseline.

Rant aside I’m here to talk about a new product (to me) today and when I received it I assumed it would be 90% MO and so I decided to keep it in my ‘feet drawer’ – to clarify I do not have a drawer in my house full of feet – and use it soley (get it, sole-ly hehe) for foot massages but when I came to write it up I discovered it’s actually got a pretty good ingredient list .

I can’t tell you that it’s done wondrous things for my c-section scar or the few stretch marks (I was very lucky) that I have because I haven’t been using it like that at all.. since I assumed that a cheaper product couldn’t possibly have better ingredients but it just goes to show, you should always do your research. There are lots of reviews online written by far more aware consumers than I claiming that this has done a whole host of duties in their household as well as everything they expected it’s more expensive counter part to so I’m excited to use it on something other than my feet!


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