A ring light is a circular multipurpose lighting tool that illuminates the subject during close-ups. They are common in the fashion industry, photography shoots, and video shooting. They provide excellent subtle fill light that comes from 100% on-axis. Many ring lights in the market like https://www.addbeautiful.com/product/9inches-ring-live-light/ are available and used differently for various applications. We discuss some uncommon ways of using 9-inch ring lights down below.

Uncommon Ways of Using 9-Inch Ring Lights

The circular shape allows you to put your phone or lens through the ring light to achieve the perfect shot. Any shadows or glares that may have fallen on the subject are eliminated. Their primary use revolves around providing additional lighting, but you can purchase the lights to use them for a different purpose. You can use them to bring out a different effect other than the usual straight-on effect.

1. Used for Normal Lighting

You can use it as a regular light or the only light source to illuminate the room or the subject. When using the light on a person or object, using a tripod for stability and support, raise the ring and angle it towards their direction. In the absence of a stand, raise it by hand to your preferred height. During a power shortage, there’s no need to stay in a dark-filled room. Battery-powered ring lights come in handy by providing bright light that mimics the standard lighting.

2. Creating a Composition

Ring lights are used as compositional devices during photography. While setting up, the ring is usually positioned to frame the object to consider the composition elements such as patterns, texture, symmetry, and depth of the field. However, you don’t have to follow the conventional ways and instead play by your rules.

You can place the light anywhere you wish within the frame to produce remarkable effects. Placing it behind the subject creates a halo effect that is beautiful and eye-catching. When the ring light is angled inside the frame, a curved light band goes through the composition, giving a completely different effect.

3. Exposing Details on a Hard Light Shot

Using multiple electronic flashes for a camera or strobes as hard lights allow you to develop a contrasty scene. The subtle fill light from the ring light helps add details to the end product, image, or photograph.

4. Using as a Prop

Typically, ring lights are set up on the table or a tripod stand before shooting begins. However, you can have the subject pose with the ring to form some fun and exciting pictures. To achieve this, you must be careful with the type of ring light you have.

Unlike LEDs, others get very hot, making it difficult for someone to touch or hold for a while. LED lights are best for this activity, and they come in various sizes; hence the results vary. If you worry about the cables and plugs being in the way of your shot, use ring lights that use batteries.

Final Words

In recent years, many people have resulted in buying ring lights for various reasons. The reasons vary, but they are what everyone expects ring lights to do, such as photography, makeup videos, etc. However, we’ve seen that they can be used in uncommon ways depending on a person’s preference and creativity.


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